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Cowboy and Jack O Lanterns

Originally posted on Everything Under the Sun:
This was the first year that I can whole heartedly say that Johnny REALLY enjoyed Halloween. ┬áHe had a big smile plastered on…

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I Buried Grandpa

“I buried Grandpa Mommy.” Johnny came over to me wanting help with his drawing app that he likes to use and I saw that he was using a paint tool … Continue reading

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Mommy He Likes To Sniff My Hair

  “Mommy…..Michael likes to sniff my hair.” We have a sniffer folks who takes pleasure more then the next person in lovely smells. “I know Michael gets so happy when … Continue reading

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Family Rules

A friend shared this with me on Facebook and I am going to print it out and frame it to share expectations of what we would like our home to … Continue reading

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How Do You Know If I Can Read? The Argument For More Motor Speech Therapy.

not but at get hot pet land hand and she sheep shop kind find These are just some of the “Spelling Words of The Week” in Grade 2 that Johnny … Continue reading

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Is Your Daughter Autistic Too?

Is your daughter autistic too? Now that’s a question to wake you up pretty fast on a Wednesday morning when you drop your kids off at school. But if I’m … Continue reading

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Anxiety Manifests Itself This Way….

  I walk by Johnny’s room and he has an arm load of stuffed animals and his closet door is open. He is trying to shove all of his stuffies … Continue reading

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