When things go boom and sparks fly…

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*Edit*  ~ originally written May 26 2008.

The other day I was out for a walk in our neighborhood with my baby boy and my guy when we decided to take a short cut through the park.  As we left the park we decided to cross the street and start heading for home.  We must have only gotten half a block when we heard this loud boom and crash behind us and two voices yelling very loudly,  “Oh my God…Oh my God!”.

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A tree had come down on an electrical power line across the crosswalk and sparks were flying where we had just been walking with under with our baby just minutes before.  Wow.  When moments like this happen it feels very surreal as if its happening to someone else.  As I let out a shaky breathe I am counting my blessings that luck has stayed on my side yet again. Thank goodness that the old man on his bike and the lady walking her dog that were near by when it happened are okay except for some frazzled nerves.

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So what do you do when you’ve had something like that happen on a sunny day and you are out for a walk with the love of your life and your baby?  Take a deep breath, give them each a kiss and a hug, and continue going for walk and enjoy your day.  Who knows when the next “boom crash” could come and sparks could fly….

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Photos taken Niagara Falls May 2008.


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