Christmas Letter 2011

      It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. ~ Charles Dickens. 2011 was our roller coaster year full of incredible moments and sobering reality. Began the year with Johnny at 3 years old beginning to use words again to communicate after losing all acquired language by 18 months….

Thank you :)

Not too long after we got Johnny’s diagnosis we realized that we couldn’t help him all by ourselves and it would take a community to help him. We have met some amazing people who have helped Johnny. From Doctors, to Intake Coordinators, to Social Workers, to Early Childhood Educators, to Clinicians, to Physiotherapists, to Occupational…

Let the words begin….

One year ago today Johnny began using words again when he requested what he wanted. At around 16 to 18 months Johnny lost any language he had learned and only used grunts and pointing to communicate. Imagine hearing your child say “Mama” “Da Da” at the typical times of development and one day it just stops….