Christmas Letter 2011





It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. ~ Charles Dickens.

2011 was our roller coaster year full of incredible moments and sobering reality.

Began the year with Johnny at 3 years old beginning to use words again to communicate after losing all acquired language by 18 months.

Johnny warmed our hearts by saying the words we longed to hear again…”Ma Ma” “Da Da”

The Developmental Pediatrician confirmed our fears and we could no longer go back and forth between denial and reality… Autism Spectrum Disorder.

We learned that if you know one child with autism you only know one child with autism.

We learned to celebrate the small victories because little by little he can do anything he wants.

We understand that just because someone does not use words all the time it doesn’t mean that they don’t have something to say.

We learned that we can’t do this all on our own and appreciate the incredible people who have helped our son.

We have been blessed to find out that “Princess” traumatic birth has had no developmental effects on her and she is doing fine.

We got to see our little girl take her first steps and now love to watch her run down the hall into our arms and give us big hugs.

Our baby girl has become our little dancing girl who loves Winnie the Pooh and taking care of our cat Charcoal.

Hearing our little girl ask about Johnny, Daddy, Boppa ( Grandpa), Momma, or Carcoal (Charcoal our cat) makes us smile every time.

Cape Cod is beautiful and perfect spot for little ones to play on the beach and Martha’s Vineyard deserves another visit or two.

Boston has great splash pads for kids to romp around in:)

Our little boy is now in school and we are so proud of how hard he worked to be able to be integrated with all the other children.

Celebrating our little guy vocalizing more and more and one word at a time.

Being in the same place at the same time never meant so much when you discover you have a cousin who grew up a few blocks from you is now living across the country in the same city as you.

We recently found out that my Dad’s (father-n-law) time with us is precious and its time now to create memories to last forever. Cancer is going to take another loved one in our family.

Life brings challenges that tests you but as long as we love each other and are together we will endure.

Merry Christmas and we wish you happiness in the New Year.

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  1. Ramona D'Souza says:

    Thank you Cyn for sharing Johnny’s journey with us. As his pre-school teacher, I enjoyed his exuberant cheerful personality. He loved circle time because he got to do the action songs and smile with the other children and at times give them tight hugs which was his way of communicating his love and excitement. I love your blog and would encourage other mothers with angels like Alex who have any form of autism to follow your blog. Unconditioned love is a universal cure for anybody with any challenge.. One day at a time..


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