iPad Adventure

November Update~ There is a lot of buzz right now in the special needs community about using iPads, iPod Touch with special apps like Proloquo2Go to help children with Autism to communicate when they are non-verbal. There was also a news story a month ago on 60 minutes about this that has caused quite a stir as well.

60 Minutes APPS FOR AUTISM on youtube

We started looking into how this could benefit him including visiting the school that 60 minutes profiled in their piece and attending 3 presentations there on research using iPad in the classroom with special needs children. There are lots of Apps which are ABA based (Applied Behavior Analysis) that could teach him lots of other things as well.

Here is the school that was featured on 60 Minutes. https://www.facebook.com/BeverleySchool

Amazing resources here:



December Update~ With help from family and a friend ( *hugs* thank you ) we got an iPad2 and we also got special case called the “Gumdrop”, that is designed to military specs so I think it can handle being smacked, hit, tugged on, drooled on, stood on or tossed across the room by a toddler.

iPad Air 2

You thought I was going to say Johnny didn’t you 😉 I’ve seen the tug o’ wars between siblings over books or Winnie the Pooh so we figured the iPad would cause big excitement.

It’s amazing how fast Johnny was able to start figuring out how to navigate the Ipad and enjoying some Apps already in only a few days. We are starting with fun stuff to help him learn to use the touch interface easily and then move on to some more educational games. Our adventure begins:)

Playing with Goop 🙂



First Ipad Art






Love to hear what you think....

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