Laugh, Play, Cry

On January 25 we had a big breakthrough with Johnny.

Johnny started to cry when he tried to unsuccessfully get his sister to play his “run and chase” game with him. She runs from the living room through the dining room into the kitchen then the mudroom where she giggles and laughs at herself in the mirror. Meanwhile he chases her and and hugs her from behind at the mirror. Then he laughs and runs as fast as he can back to the sofa where he dives on his animals and waits for her to join him.

It was after dinner this time and around 7ish and she said “no” and went to sit with a book instead. Johnny was crushed and tried again to get her to play but she said no. He started to cry and say “momma” “baby” and point to her. I told him she is tired and may need to rest and to listen to her. She can play the game tomorrow but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want play. He was inconsoluble for a little bit.

I know some folks might say that this is a typical reaction with a child but Johnny is a child with autism. It is huge that he wanted to play a game with her and not play by himself.  The main thing is Johnny really wanted to play with her but he couldn’t figure out how to get her to do so. He was not satisfied with parallel play and was dealing with the big disappointment when his efforts failed.

One moment in time added to one more moment leads to one more day forward on the road to learning about socialization.


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