Tucking In…let’s pretend.

Pretend is a big milestone when it comes to Autism. I asked Johnny to start getting ready to go upstairs for bed and he ran back into the living room. There was something he had to do.

photo 2

He had to tuck his sister’s baby doll to sleep with a blanket. We went over to take a peek and we were so surprised. Johnny did this without prompting. We have seen him cradle the baby doll and give another big baby doll his sister’s old soothers but I had never seen him do this. He gave “the baby” a kiss on the forehead and happily went up to bed.

I remember a time not so long ago that he never played with the “Little People” that do with Fisher Price toys or play with baby dolls. We worked so hard to help him understand that trucks do not drive themselves so that’s why we put the little person in the seat.

These are the little moments that we treasure.


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