Anxiety and Oh How I Wish We Could Sleep

Get Better

I was replying on a fellow bloggers post about sleep issues and what we went through with our own son up until a year ago when we just had one of those rough nights again.  It began with hearing Johnny rushing around upstairs in the hall calling for us after we had tucked him in to bed like we do every single night.  But this was not every single night now was it? It was the first night after being back at school again.  Johnny had been sleeping on the bus when he came home and was very grumpy all the way up until after dinner.  I knew that anxiety and excitement had affected his appetite when I looked in his lunch bag and all he ate was a mandarin orange, one fruit cup an one juice box all day.      He is nearly four feet tall and only 4-1/2 years old and not sick.

We finally got him to fall asleep around 9:30pm after a few attempts of him requesting to go to the bathroom and wanting to either check on his baby sister or go downstairs and clean up again.  All of these requests are attempts by Johnny to organize and complete things and he gets very empathic about this when he has anxiety.

At 1am he was up again wanting to go to the bathroom which is a fine request but he then started wanting to do his “to do list” and his Daddy had to reassure him that everything was finished and done.  2am I woke up to Johnny’s bedroom door flying open really hard and every light on the upstairs floor being turned on except ours.  Time to go to the bathroom Mom all while looking at me with a little flirty smile.  Sigh.  The last thing I remember is not  feeling like I could be charmed and being very grumpy.  It was now 3 am.

We woke up with a start at 7:15am and realized Johnny was still asleep and we had one hour to get him awake, coherent, have breakfast, coach him about school and get him ready for school.


Did I mention that at Johnny’s regular school the Autism Support Team decided to visit him with 2 new SLP’s first thing on Monday morning? Then I find out that at his specialized school that the teacher he has had for over a year now who he has bonded with suddenly resigned for personal reasons over spring break and we only found out that he had a new teacher when he came home?  Both schools know that Johnny has Autism right?  I’d like to thank both schools for amplfying his anxiety about going back to school as I yawn again and slurp back another cup of coffee.


Love to hear what you think....

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