Serendipity and My Little Artist



Johnny’s art was in an art show 3 weeks ago in Iowa City and we owe it all to this little blog that I write.   The “Awesome Art Show” showcased what children and young adults CAN DO instead of what usually happens when you have Autism…what you can’t do.

I had written a post titled “If you have met one child with Autism you have only met one child with Autism”  and organizers were trying to figure out who they could attribute the quote to.  Someone stumbled upon my blog when they searched google and then saw one of Johnny’s iPad drawings and she liked it.  She wrote to me and asked if I knew where the quote came from and if her art show could use my son’s drawing.

Well to make a long story short my son’s art was turned into an interactive piece  at the exhibit.  It was turned into a giant puzzle and visitors got to take a piece and try and to put the puzzle back together to reveal Johnny’s art.   For its inaugural run it was a great success with over 200 hundred people attending over the weekend.   



News story on the “Awesome Art Show:

The best part is that I’ve made a new friend and I am so proud of her for organizing this art show to help spread Autism Awareness.  The show might be called the “Awesome Art Show” but to me Lisa…you are awesome:)  Thank you for finding me and choosing Johnny’s art.

Now…drum roll please….here is Johnny’s art done on the iPad:



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  1. Cy, This is fabulous! We to offer an art show “Celebrating the Possibilities” that focuses on children and adults with and without disabilities. Also local professional and amateur atists compete. This year we had 525 artists exhibiting. Check out our web page and you will find more. Perhaps Johnny would exhibit in our show next year.? Maureen


    1. Cyn says:

      Gee thanks Maureen and wouldn’t that be neat if Johnny is still creating if he could submit something. I love the idea of people seeing what are kids CAN do for a change instead of focusing on their challenges. I’ll definitely check out your website. Happy Mothers Day to you.


  2. torijohnson5 says:

    Very beautiful artwork!


    1. Cyn says:

      Thank you so much:) BTW You have a wonderful blog and you have amazing ideas for a child’s birthday party.


      1. torijohnson5 says:

        Thank you for stopping by my blog! I really appreciate it!


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