The Art of Copy Cat


Children learn by copying one another and if you had to go four whole years before you saw your child copy another child consistantly then you would be celebrating every single moment when they did come.  Ready set go!

“Princess” has a ribbon Johnny wants one to wear too.

She is wearing New Orleans style beads around her neck…he wants some to just hold in his hand and run his hands over and over them.

“Princess”  has a star wand he wants one to wave too.

She is riding her pink ride’m toy around the living room and he has to jump on his ride’m toy and ride around behind her.

“Princess”  found her sun hat to wear outside and he couldn’t find his….oops!

She wears barrettes in her hair and he points to his hair.

“Princess”  is playing with her baby doll and he wants one to play with too and tuck into bed.

They both have elf christmas hats and she wears it all the time at home but he doesn’t wear his..suddenly he’ll want wear it and what is even better he’ll let her get it for him and listen to her requesting for him to wear it with a big smile.

“Princess”  got a robotic stuffed cat that purrs, meows and takes 3 steps when you pet it and he wants one too. Johnny…you don’t like stuffed animals that move remember?  I pat it and how him and he dives quickly behind his Daddy.  He slowly peaks out and points and I show him again.  He gets braver and looks and decided yes he does want one too.  I pat the little kitty and it moves and so does Johnny but in the opposite direction.  We head to the kitchen but then I look over my shoulder and he is very carefully trying to touch the kitties back to make it move.  Something is wrong because it won’t move.  “Mama mama fix.”  I’ll give you one guess what happened.  Nope.  His little sister came running over and grabbed her new kitty and gave it big hug and headed upstairs.

A little girl that rides the mid-day bus unbuckles her seat belt and moves around the moving bus thus causing the bus stop and the driver to put her back in her seat and re-buckle her.  For the last 3 weeks Johnny has become Mr Houdini unbuckling his belt, figuring out how to open up child safety locks on seat buckles and wiggling his body up and out of the tight belt.

I guess sometimes we have to be careful what we wish for right?


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  1. I was thrilled to see my son playing with the other kids when I visited him at preschool yesterday and today at the end-of-year picnic. I am cheering along with you!
    Oh, except for the Houdini act. I know you could live without that.


    1. Cyn says:

      That’s fantastic news:) I’ll drop by and read later about your successes. Yeah!! OMG I can’t believe the bus situation. I wish I knew why out of 3 buses a day he does that on the mid-day run. Now he has to wear a harness for that route….:(


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