Ever have one of those days?

Ever have those days (or week) where so much has been happening both good and challenging that you don’t know where to start because you are mentally and emotionally exhausted?

So here is a quick update on how we are doing and while I collect all my thoughts and assemble them into blog posts:)

My other half was away on business last week and Mommy was left to do the juggle and keep our routines somewhat intact.

Johnny is using lots of sentences at home and trying to repeat whatever we say as if he is not only practicing speech but trying to learn scripts.

Johnny had his second and last assessment by psychologists to see whether he was eligible for the government paid IBI Therapy that he has been on a 2 year wait list for.  I’ll share the outcome in a future post.

We celebrated our little girl’s second birthday with a big family party on the weekend.

Mr Houdini has been making his mid-day bus ride (take 3 school buses a day) a big challenge so we had to unhappily pursue our last resort – a safety harness vest.  Now if only the powers that be otherwise known as the school board could read the paperwork the doctor and signed that we only agreed to do this for the bus he is NOT sitting nicely on…not every single school trip.

Thank you for you following my blog and more to come…..soon 🙂


Love to hear what you think....

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