See Autism through her eyes

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Have you heard of Carly? If you haven’t you should if you know someone with Autism.  Carly Fleischmann is a 17 year old Canadian girl with severe Autism and Apraxia but she is an inspiration as she strongly advocates for children getting to find their inner voice.

She has just released a book co-written with her father called “Carly’s Voice – Breaking Through Autism” about her incredible journey so far.

She regular posts her thoughts about being a teenage girl who happens to have Autism and interacts with people on Facebook and Twitter.  I highly recommend following her because her insights on how it “feels” to have Autism and how she and others interact or perceive the world is so insightful.  I have had countless “light bulb” moments after reading her posts.

Twitter follow her: @CarlysVoice

The latest incredible thing she has done is help make a little movie trying to show how it feels for someone with Autism to do something so “everyday like” ie going to a cafe with your father and sister for a coffee.  The interactive site/player allows you to really get a sense and feel of how it feels when you have to navigate being non-verbal, sitting in public place that is noisy, full of distractions that keep changing, and then the anxieties that come when decisions are made for you about your life and what you are going to drink because you can’t communicate.  I like how the simple noises that most of us can “auto-filter out” like grinding coffee beans are gigantic distracting maybe even painful sounds to the someone with Autism.  I kept trying finding myself thinking about my son as I watched it and what he must go through at school every single day.

Please visit her site below and see how it feels to REALLY SEE AUTISM.

Below is the youtube link to the mini-movie.

Direct Link:


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