What Is It About Amusement Parks?

The need for speed, going fast, spinning, lights, colours, laughter and lots of movement.


Even when he was a baby he loved being on the baby swings for an extended period of time and would cry if we took him out too soon.  We started taking Johnny on rides  at an amusement park when he was 2 years old. The carousel soon became his favourite.  Even though the crowds of excited people and children and line ups made him anxious and some of the loud and sudden noises from the rides also bothered him the rides seemed to beckon to him.  He’d take a chance and afterwards he would just grab his Daddy’s hand and lead him to the next one to try.

Two weekends ago we went to an amusement park near downtown that is in a park like setting that caters to small children.  Johnny loves going here but today he was getting agitated, looking stressed and looking for ways to calm his anxiety because of all holiday long weekend crowds and lineups. He’d stop and pick up leaves, gravel, sticks and then slowly drop them. Madly insist he wanted to sit on a park bench but didn’t really need to sit.

After he went on his first ride, a little firetruck on tracks, his mood changed and he was so happy and full of excitement.  “I want more rides Daddy”  I loved just standing back and watching my little guy race from ride to ride with the biggest smile on his face eager to get on another one and feel the thrill and calming effect of the movement.

Biggest bestest moment?  When Johnny took his little sister “Princess” on to a little motorized race car that is on tracks.  She was a bit nervous because this time Mommy or Daddy wouldn’t be with her but Johnny would be.

See for yourself….its the cutest thing.





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  1. vaughanmom says:

    The pictures are great! The expression on your son’s face says it all! McKinlea loves carousel rides too.


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