If by chance just one little post helps one person that I didn’t know before until now….



Yesterday I found out I was nominated for “the very inspirational blogger award” by through the eyes of a mother

Thank you for humbling me and putting a secret smile on my face when I needed it most.  When I decided to share my thoughts about having a son with Autism I had this incredible urge let out all these feelings churning inside of me and make sense of them so I could move on and help my son.  Then I thought this blog could be a great tool to share with family and friends what is happening with my son.   If by chance just one little post helps one person that I didn’t know before until now….I’m glad that I decided to share.   Thank you 🙂

The rules for receiving “the very inspiring blogger award” are tell seven random things about yourself, thank the person who has awarded you for this award by linking back to them and pass the award over to other bloggers and let them know you’ve awarded them.

7 Random Things About Me….Ready. Set. Go!

1)  I love listening to opera music but Katy Perry, the Gypsy Kings and Heart are on my play list as well:)I am a big fan of Smallville.

2)  I enjoy being silly and doing things that are unexpected

3)  I love to sit and watch my hubby working away on his computer when he doesn’t know I’m watching.

4)  I am a big fan of the show Smallville that ended last year.

5)  I watch The Vampire Diaries now.

6)   I used to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer

7)  I love to sing but my son always “shh” me…..sigh.

Now here is a list of fellow bloggers that inspire me:

1) a diary o fa mom ~ because it is a sense of community that makes the good times sweeter for the sharing and the hard times more bearable for knowing that we’re not alone.  

2)  that cynking feeling ~ Capturing the life of my son from his first birthday, to his autism diagnosis and beyond

3) flappiness is…  ~ Navigating the World of Early Childhood Autism With One Special Little Boy

4) The Five Vaughns ~ Living Laughing Loving Learning

5) tohabandtoholdblog~ A blog written by two parents just sharing our experiences, memories & everything else in between with the world …

6) collectingyourself ~I am an artist, lover of words, and enthusiastic storyteller.

7)  A dog abroad a year’s Blog ~ *waves* yes you…you put a smile on my face with your witty but honest sense of humour lady so I have one request..more writing please?

8)  It’s a Wunderful Life ~ Life with Twins and Autism from a Dad’s Perspective


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Samantha says:

    I just have to say that I wasn’t even aware that smallville was still airing.. I thought it had ended long long ago.. I may just have to get Mr.B on that and get me the series 🙂


    1. Cyn says:

      Lots of folks have thought that with switching networks etc…Smallville went to 10 seasons ending last May. Season 11 just started in comic book format digitally and print format and is a best seller:)


  2. jess says:

    Thank you, Cyn. I’m honored and grateful.



  3. Rachél says:

    Cyn! Thank you. This is so sweet. I love inspiring you because YOU inspire ME!


  4. Rachél says:

    Cyn, I thought I would share with you about the gift your nomination is to me. Thanks again! http://collectingyourself.wordpress.com/2012/06/15/very-inspiring-blogger-award-a-gift/


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