Our New Best Friend ~ The Glo-Clock


I don’t usually share products on my blog but I had to pass on this helpful idea from another Mom who I met at my little girl’s playgroup. Her son is two and has some sleep issues, waking up a lot during the night etc and she found out about the Glo-Clock that comes from Great Britain. It combines the idea of a night light, sleep training and telling time by visually showing the passage of time, day and night, how much more time is left until wake-up all in one simple device. My son who is only beginning to learn how to tell time and is his first language is visuals so I literally went around the corner to the toy store and hunted the clock down. It comes with a cute little bed time story that my 2 year old loves to request.

How is it and has it improved sleep and lessoned sleep deprivation in our house? Well my 2 year old daughter loves the ritual of watching the sun wink goodnight and then the stars appear until the sun comes up when she visits my son’s room the next morning. As for my son who has Autism its the perfect visual that has helped re-enforce that its still bedtime when he wakes up to use the toilet in the middle of the night or when he wakes up very early at dawn to understand that just because its getting a little light outside that it doesn’t mean “its time to get up” because the Glo-Clock is still in star mode and he can count the number of stars left. I didn’t expect a miracle but I do find it really helpful as a teaching tool and I’m glad we have. So glad that we made sure we packed it with us when we went away on vacation;)

Here is the website: http://www.gro.co.uk/Gro-clock.html

*Edit Jan 17 2013* I have updated our “Glo Clock” journey here: It Works!


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  1. solodialogue says:

    I like it! And it doesnt necessarily need to be for one wjo doesnt know how to tell time- its just cute and easy. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Cyn says:

      You are welcome :). My 2 year old understands it and now wants one in her room:). Thx for stopping by.


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