Visual Schedules and so much more

In order to help Johnny become more independent we are creating more visual schedules to be used at home and also replicate some others that are used at school to help him.

A CHOICE BOARD is a good way to start.

I am hanging this in his bedroom to be used with the various bins of toys I have hidden in his closet.  I have bins with duplo blocks, bins with musical instruments and bins with cars and trucks.  When Johnny is stressed and anxious he can repetitively keep dumping things out of bins and putting them back in over and over.  So I’ve placed them “out of sight and out of mind” in his closet which he doesn’t go in.  I have taken pictures of his bins and I am going to print them out and put velcro on the back and put them on his choice board.

A First Then Choice Board is another great tool to use when you want to re-inforace what task has to be done first before you get to do something else and then what happens next.

I am going to print this out and laminate and have it handy in my purse with some various PECs that are pictures of various places that we like to go.  This will help me when we are in the car and I want to go one place and he wants to go somewhere else.


I keep having this battle in the house where my son who doesn’t like loud sudden noises or his little sister talking really loud and he complains and she gets upset.  Then later he is singing really loud and I then I try to nicely over and over again that he is now too loud.  I feel bad because I’ve wanted to hear him say and sing words for so long and he finally is and here I am telling him he’s too loud.

So I found this wonderful chart that I printed off and laminated that I am going to hang on our fridge.

The Geneva Centre for Autism  is an international leader in the development and delivery of clinical intervention services and training.   It has been a wonderful resource for our family after we received our son’s diagnosis.  It was during one of my courses that I learned that they are an awesome source of visuals and PECs.  All the above visuals I found at this link and there are many more there that I hope you find useful.


Love to hear what you think....

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