Princess Wants To Go Potty


2 weeks ago my 2 year old daughter, “Princess”,  used her little trainer potty for the first time during her bedtime routine! Yeah! The thing is we didn’t plan on starting potty training right now but while we were in Cape Cod she decided on her own that she wanted to sit on potty like Johnny. So I just sat her on the lid of the toilet with her diaper on at the cottage and she was happy with that. When we got home she found his trainer seat and we put it on the toilet and every night before bed she wanted to try. Then she would want to try during the day. Then last weekend with Johnny home during the day I pulled out his old portable potty and he helped set it up for her. Let’s just say we were happily shocked to see that last night she used it for “real”. That’s our independent little girl:).

I can’t believe how different it is potty training Princess.  She tells us what she wants to do.  “Pants down Mommy.”  “Diaper off.”  “Baby potty.” “Pee in potty.” “Baby wash hands.”  She starts pulling down her pants and runs around in her diaper saying “diaper off Mommy.”  We haven’t gone over the steps with her or prompted her like we have done with Johnny.

Is it because she is the younger sibling?  Is it because since she was 4 or 5 months old she rolled, crawled around in the upstairs hallway with her toys listening to Mommy train Johnny and watch him do “potty time”? She used to yell out at one year old “lolly” when I’d sing “poo in the potty you get a lolly” to Johnny to encourage him and re-enforce his success.

What’s really cute is watching Johnny set up her trainer potty in the bathroom on the floor and making sure she has toilet paper and trying to figure out why it doesn’t flush like the toilet. Today he’d make sure she had toilet paper and then take it and show her how to wipe herself:) I was so impressed.


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  1. Marietta Ivanova says:

    Congratulations to the Grand Princess! Now truly become independent.


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