iPad and Visual Schedules

We started using an App on the iPad called Choiceworks by BeeVisual to make visual schedules on the fly when the situation calls for some inventive creative thinking to avoid misunderstandings and meltdowns.  When we were staying in Cape Cod we realized quickly that we had to help Johnny adjust to his new environment with new routines and establish what is expected from him quickly.


We created a morning schedule using BeeVisual’s PECS that are included.  Johnny moves each PEC to the right “all done” as he completes the morning routine.  We usually go over it first and have him say each PEC once so it re-enforces for him that everything is the same as the day before and then we hit press the reset button and have him start doing the routine.

You can take pictures with a camera and upload them to the iPad or use the iPad to take pictures and then use them in Choiceworks to really customize the visual schedule.  We did this for when we were on vacation in Cape Cod.

The App also has a “Waiting Board” which I have found really useful to try and teach Johnny what to do when he has to wait for Mommy or Daddy to finish a task.  He doesn’t like the timer but its very useful for him to see the clock countdown and start learning what “5 minutes” really feels like and learn there are fun things he can do while waiting.

We are still making visual schedules, printing them out, laminating them and hanging them up around the house. We are finding it handy to help him remember all the steps as well as reduce how much verbal prompting we do. Once I have them all hung up I’ll share them on my blog so that you know what is working for us.


Love to hear what you think....

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