Let’s Play Dress-Up

A BIG FIRST yesterday:) Johnny told me wanted to go upstairs and get Pooh.  He tidied his room and then he called me saying “I want pants for Winnie”.  I told him he could and he chose his fireman pjs.


Then “I want hat for Pooh”, then “I want gloves for Pooh”.  “I want socks…I want socks for Pooh.”  He was so determined and excited using his words and expressing himself.  I let him go through his drawers and pick out clothes.  He’s never wanted to do this ever before.


It seems he learned to play dress-up at summer camp:)


Later he dressed up “Momma Duck”.



I was happily amazed watching him sit and appreciate what he had done with his favourite stuffies. We have been waiting for Johnny to “Play Pretend” and it felt like it came out of nowhere. Then he further surprised me later by taking his dressed up Winnie the Pooh for a walk through the living room and dinning room by lowering him to the floor and having him walk and saying “Winnie is walking.”

Usually he sleeps with these two stuffies so I was a bit puzzled when he insisted that they stay on the sofa and that he wasn’t taking them upstairs. I asked him who he is going to cuddle and he said very seriously like I should know “Tigger and Eeyore.” Of course Mommy.

When we got upstairs he dug out his smaller Winnie the Pooh that he has had since he was 3 months old and he said “I want to dress this Pooh.” It as nearly bedtime and I had to find some clothes that would fit it really fast. While the kids were having storytime with Daddy I quickly went though some baby things and found this ensemble. It seemed that turning him into “Baby Pooh” as his sister Princess called him was the perfect answer.



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  1. This is so exciting!


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