Five Years Old


Today you turn five years old and I thought I’d write a snap shot of who you are now at five and write down five things about you.

1) Happy ~ Your eyes will twinkle and sparkle with happiness when you deliver one of your big smiles. So many people have let Mommy know that when you lock eyes with them and give them a big smile that its very special. I hope you always find something in life to keep you smiling.

2) Curious ~ You like to investigate everything and try to figure out what it is, why it does what it does and what else you can do with it. When you were barely an hour old your inquisitive eyes were trying to take in your world and today you are “Curious George.” We hope that you are always eager to discover more about the world we live in and teach us something along the way.

3) Determined ~ At times you can be relentless, unflappable, and stubborn. I admire this about you but at the same time I hope you learn when its okay to to let it go and move on and not to let frustrations get in your way. Grandpa (Wompa) taught you there is no such thing as “cannot do it” and that someone just has to figure out “how to do it.” He also tried to teach you that sometimes you have to stop, take a break and then when you come back the answer may present itself.

4) Creative ~ You love to paint, colour, draw and glue making numerous art projects. I love to watch you interact with the paint and mix colours. You also like to use things outside to create something unique as well. I hope that all the people who teach you continue to encourage and nurture this beautiful side of you

5) Kindhearted ~ You have a big heart that you tend to wear on your sleeve. You are very empathetic and gentle with everyone that crosses your path. You get upset and sad when a child who you don’t know begins to cry and get upset. You try so hard to help or get help for the child even though I know this is hard for you because of the loud sounds. One of your classmates had a bleeding nose and you refused to leave his side like the other children but instead you made sure an adult stopped the bleeding and looked after him. I hope that this compassion stays with you for life.

Happy Birthday.


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    1. Cyn says:

      Thank you 🙂


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