Tasting The Air


Three years ago we traveled back to the city I was born and grew up in that is nestled by the mountains and the ocean.  Johnny was two years old and at the time we knew he had developmental challenges in various areas but we did not know he had Autism.


Johnny absolutely loved being in this new sensory environment where the wind howled, the waves either rolled out or crashed in and the air was yummy with its salty taste and smelly with cedar air.


It was here for the first time he stepped into an ocean and laughed as he watched the water move back and forth and splash him. It was something he could watch happen over and over again.


Then Johnny discovered if he stuck his tongue out he could actually taste the air.


I was watching the other day some video of Johnny squealing in delight as he took his Daddy by the hand and tried to run along the shoreline as the waves would come crashing in. At the time I thought he just enjoyed the new sensation of the water coming in and out but watching it now it looks like he thinks the water is chasing him.


In a few days we are going back to this city by the sea this time taking “Princess” who is two for her first visit. I expect that her experience will be different then Johnny’s but I will enjoy seeing my hometown through my little girl’s eyes. As for Johnny, I’m interested in seeing how he reacts to the sea air and the forests again. For my little sensory seeker I suspect he’ll think the city is still his personal smorgasbord.


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  1. I wrote about my 5 yo having a very similar experience at the beach at Christmas ( we are in Australia so this is summer for us). It was so wonderful to see him having such a great time. The beach, the space, the smell, the sounds – all so incredibly stimulating and satisfying to a little sensory seeker! Have fun!!


    1. Cyn says:

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a wonderful and thoughtful comment. We had lots of fun and I’m going to share our adventures in future posts. I think lots of beach time is what our family needs to find time to do and if we have to fly somewhere and escape the winter when it comes and the stress of everyday life. I can’t believe how much it helped my little sensory seeker become relaxed and ready to start school.


  2. I hope you guys have a GREAT time. I love getting away from the everyday and my kids love the beach. One is a water lover and one is a sand lover. Win/Win for the entire family.


    1. Cyn says:

      Thanks Deenie:) The kids loved the escape to the beach and since we were on the west coast the air was fresh, clean and salty. My boy loves the water and sand so big win for us too:) I liked getting together with old friends and catching up. I’ll be posting about it very soon.


  3. Flannery says:

    I just found your blog and I LOVED this post. The pics are beautiful, and my guess is…Oregon??

    I love little Johnny “tasting” the air. So cute?

    I’m going to share on Facebook so others can come enjoy these photos.


    1. Cyn says:

      Sent from my iPadThank you so much:) My little guy definitely loves salty flavors and it was so cute watching him at age 2 sticking his tongue out. Now at age 5 he’s discovered that after playing in the sand…..his hands are yummy. Lol. He’s also discovered that sea shells make great cups:)

      Photos were taken at Long Beach in Tofino on Vancouver Island.


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