Apraxia of Speech Therapy – PROMPT

A few weeks ago we got a call from a clinic that treats Apraxia of Speech in children that Johnny was now at the top of their very long waiting list and that we should bring him in for another assessment.  What a difference three months can make from our previous visit.  Read about the last assessment here: http://wp.me/p1KVmo-ed


Johnny was happy to go to the clinic and right away enjoyed the new SLP he met.  He was very cordial, cooperative, and tried to use words as much as possible with her.  I had warned him ahead of time that she would probably begin touching his face using the PROMPT method to try and help him produce different sounds better and say words more clearly.  I had been randomly stroking his face to get him used to the sensation because he is sensitive to touch around his mouth and  generally around his head.  The SLP and I were surprised at how easily he started committing to this new therapy and began closing his mouth to finish some sounds which he didn’t do before.

Tomorrow Johnny begins the first of his 10 session speech therapy block with one, 45 minute session a week. I am going to attend as well so I can learn different techniques to help him at home.  Depending on how he does he’ll eat get one block of sessions off or get back to back sessions.

It really feels like the perfect time as Johnny tries to say more complicated words, more sentences and more complex word groupings.


Love to hear what you think....

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