Its Gotta Be The JellyFish


While we were on vacation we visited an aquarium. Johnny loves seeing all the fish in the large tanks and his sister wanted to see the Beluga whales. There were dolphins, sharks, penguins, and otters as well but i never guessed what would attract his attention this day.  Who knew that when we walked to the entrance past a big poster of Jelly fish that this would be Johnny’s favourite.


He kept wanting to stand really close to the tank and watch them move with a big smile on his face. Several times he’d race back and go and look at them in wonder. One time there were a bunch of people standing in his way and he managed to wiggle his way in and then move everyone back with a little shove and a look. Mommy always on vigil had to dive in and prompt him to say he’s sorry and to tell him that lots of people like the jelly fish too so let them watch with you. Disaster averted.


They are majestic and beautiful as they fluttered and moved along to a silent symphony.  They kind of reminded me of a lava lamp coming to life or this App on the iPad that Johnny likes to play called “Glob” that moves in a similar way as a jelly fish when you touch it.




As we head to the exit I visit the Aquarium store to see what souvenirs we could get for the kids. I knew my daughter wanted a Beluga stuffy but you can guess what kind of stuffy Johnny wanted.  “This might be a silly question but do you sell some kind of Jelly Fish toy here?” I ask the sales clerks.   “Of course dear over here.” With one sentence they saved our day. As I held up this large stuffed Jelly Fish I could hear Johnny enter the store with his Daddy and saying “I want a jelly fish” and his Daddy saying “the Belugas are neat and so are the sharks?” with a hint of desperation in his voice.  You should have seen the look on his face when he saw what I was holding.  Every night since our trip Johnny cuddles his jelly fish to sleep now instead of Winnie the Pooh.


*Jelly Fish pictures courtesy of Johnny’s Daddy 🙂


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  1. caffieneplease says:

    How cool ! My son also has a passion for sea creatures. Right now his favorite is a sea cucumber. I ended up crocheting one for him a few weeks ago!


    1. Cyn says:

      A sea cucumber…that’s neat! Great idea to make him one he can cuddle. My son liked looking at anemones as well and there was a special tank where he could learn how to gently touch them. Thank you for stopping by my blog 🙂


  2. Lisa Burns says:

    Hi Cynthia!!!! My son used to feel the same way about jelly fish ( : There was a large room at the aquarium in Bangkok and it was his favie ( : We did a project that both of your “curious” cuties might like….take a coffee filter and use water color paints to color it. While it is drying….take a small plastic drink cup (we used the 6 oz Solo clear type one) and attach curling ribbon or streamers to the lip of the cup. Make a hole in the middle of the coffee filter and the bottom of the cup….place the filter over the cup (it will look like a jelly) and then tread a strong, large rubber band through both holes and tie a knot on both sides of cup/filter….this will give the kiddies something to hold on to and when they hold the rubberband and give it a tug….the coffee filter moves just like a jelly and the streamers make it look like the tentacles are moving as well….easy and fun….enjoy!!!!


    1. Cyn says:

      Really:) !! Jelly fish are very beautiful aren’t they? I think our boys are very simpatico;) Thank you for another project my friend and I’ll definitely try it out. *hugs* He loves making things, glueing and arts and crafts.


  3. That jelly fish toy is so cool!


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