Listening To Chopin

2jb18k5I remember looking over and seeing my little guy reach up and cling to the edge of the table with one hand as he pushed the power button on the stereo with another. We kept a CD of Chopin the player just for him. How old was Johnny? He was one years old and he would stand and listen intently for awhile and then sometimes sit on the floor and listen even longer. I would watch his face and he his eyes would be so intense as he listened to the piano playing another haunting melody. He really loved listening to Chopin.

I remember reading when I was pregnant with Johnny the theories about the benefits of having babies listen to classical music and I bought a mobile that played a Bach, Mozart and Beethoven melody. All I know is that Johnny liked watching the mobile go around and around and I loved watching the smile on his face when the music came on. We would wake up in the middle of the night and listen over the monitor as he figured out how to turn on his mobile and soothe himself back to sleep. I soon found that when we were traveling in the car that classical music was very soothing to him as well. As Johnny got older he liked listening to Celtic lullabies so we put a cd player in his room and this helped him sleep better at night.

Last night at the dinner table I asked him….what are we listening to honey? “Mozart mommy.”

In last year he prefers listening to Mozart but it has to be piano sonatas but his beginning to enjoy the passionate sounds of Beethoven.   Maybe he inherited this love of classical music from his Grandma and Oma because they have the biggest smiles when they see Johnny listening and enjoying it with them. Sorry Daddy, no ACDC or Gun and Rose yet because its “too loud.”

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