Gazing Out At Trees Leads To….

 It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen. ~ John Wooden


When we were on vacation, Johnny was drawn to the beautiful view from our hotel’s window.  He would stand and gaze out and then say “green trees, forest and buildings.”

Later he sat with the iPad drawing App and this is what he painted:






When we got home from our vacation Johnny was playing with his Lego set and he built this.


Buildings and confirous trees just like he saw from the window of our hotel.

It’s fall now and the leaves are changing colour and our beginning to drop from the trees.  We like to go to the park and see how many orange, red or yellow leaves we can collect and bring home. After we came back from a walk Johnny sat down with the iPad and practiced writing his letters and going through flash cards on his own to build up his receptive language when he decided to do open his drawing App. This was very different then his usual drawings on the iPad.


Last week when Johnny came home from school we did some speech practice homework working on target words.  Afterwards he wanted to do some drawing with pencil crayons with me.  This is a big step because he has to use special grips to learn to move his fingers and hand into a writing position instead of just grasping a crayon.

Johnny said he was drawing orange and red trees and it hit me…he was drawing what fall looked like to him.


I am amazed at how Johnny’s art and creating is changing for him and how he is now doing more and more representational art.  Earlier he wanted me to show him how to draw a simple house.  I had to do some hand over hand but he was slowly catching on.  I love it when we begin to go somewhere I didn’t think we would be.

Thank you Johnny.


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