Pumpkin Patch Treasure



When I picked Johnny up at school after the school kindergarten field trip to the farm,  the EA told me that his backpack was extra heavy because the children were allowed to pick out a pumpkin in the patch and bring one home.  Farm visit post here: http://wp.me/p1KVmo-E0

“Johnny’s is on the green side so I hope you don’t mind.  I kept trying to point out other ones and suggest Mommy might like one that is less green but he was very insistent and happy that this was the pumpkin he was bringing home.”

When we got home I opened Johnny’s bag and  I smiled because the pumpkin reminded me of Johnny and the abstract art he likes to do.  He definite walks to his own beat.   I know that Johnny always knows exactly what he wants and I was happy that he stood his ground in a nice way and advocated for himself.  He didn’t let someone change his choice and follow what all the other children were doing.  I find more and more there is a fine balance to making sure he maintains his strong sense of self and character but at the same time learn from his peers.  Maybe the teacher and EA wondered why he was making this choice but as you can see from the picture he already had pumpkins at home.  He had found his treasure…and a pumpkin that was unique just like him.

* The four little small pumpkins are from my neighbour for my son and daughter.  The two little larger pumpkins are what Johnny picked out for himself and his little sister  when we were grocery shopping at the beginning of October.  


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  1. Cyn says:

    Reblogged this on Everything Under the Sun and commented:

    Another year and another pumpkin patch but its fun how some things never change. But before I tell that story lets go back for a moment and hear about Johnny’s love for pumpkins other then orange.


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