Mommy Pull It Out


Three weeks ago Johnny lost his first tooth and yes that’s one little proud happy little boy posing for the camera showing off.

I noticed one day that his one tooth seemed a bit off centre and that there was a bigger gap between the teeth. I asked Johnny if his tooth felt funny and he said yes and he said “owie owie.” So Daddy and I decided to start explaining about what was happening in simple terms and showing him it was okay to wiggle it and try and move it. We showed him our teeth and said he was growing big people’s teeth now and showed him his gums and where those new teeth were hiding. He was curious and would look in the mirror a lot inspecting his mouth and feel around. I would say that over a week the tooth really started to be loose and then on a Saturday morning he said “Mommy Mommy” and put my finger in his mouth and placed it on the tooth. I touched it and it really moved. It was ready to come out.

“Mommy pull it out.”


I can handle a lot of things but for some reason yanking my little boy’s first tooth out wigged me out. I tried to do it and encouraged him to try too but no we were at an impass. Let’s get Daddy to help. I couldn’t believe how excited Johnny was at the idea of losing his first tooth. He showed Daddy and asked him to “pull it out” and Daddy obliged. Johnny was not in pain and instead was giving big hugs to us and couldn’t stop smiling about this first tooth coming out. He would pick up his tooth and examine it closely and say “my tooth.” He would go and look at himself in the mirror and check out his new smile. We noticed that his adult tooth was already trying to poke through the gum line which added yet another curiosity to Johnny’s adventure. I grabbed our camera and quickly snapped some shots of Johnny showing off his new smile.

I felt very nostalgic all of a sudden because it seemed only yesterday that we were all very excited that Johnny was getting his very first tooth. Now that same tooth was sitting on the table.

When the dentist x-rayed Johnny’s teeth two months ago she showed me how all his adult teeth were in position and that he would begin losing 8 of his baby teeth in the next few months. She really surprised me by saying that at least 4 were loose and Johnny is probably beginning to notice. I wondered if this was early to begin losing baby teeth since he was only 5 years old but she countered with a question of her own. “When did Johnny get his first tooth?” Fourth months old seems so long ago now but that’s when his first tooth started to poke out and by 9 months old he had lots of teeth already. She told me that if a child got their baby teeth early then its very typical for the adult teeth to begin moving in at 5 years old.


I went through Johnny’s baby pictures to confirm my memories. His very first two teeth were the bottom two and the one on the right in the photo is the first to pop out. The next one that is loose right now is the one on the left.

Did the tooth fairy visit? I could imagine Johnny waking up in the middle of the night checking to see if she had been in his room or looking under his pillow. The problem is I think he would do this a lot and we know that he REALLY loves repetitive stuff when he’s feeling anxious. We decided to tell him a story about the tooth fairy and then ask him if Mommy and Daddy could pretend to be the tooth fairy. He was happy with that and we all got to have a good nights sleep.

We left a note in Johnny’s bag letting his teachers know about his big news and this is what they gave him.



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