He drew ME !



We were sitting around the table with paper and crayons when Johnny started drawing his favourite subject trees. It is Fall and lots of yellow and red leaves falling from the big maple trees.

“I’m drawing trees. Red trees.”

Big smiles.

“A green tree and a yellow tree.”

Then Johnny grabbed the red crayon back and started drawing a small circile and some lines in a way I’ve never seen before. He kept peeking at him with a little smirk on his face.

“Mommy… I’m drawing Mommy.”

I suddenly just stopped and I had to remember to put a big smile on my face and not to cry. This was one of those special moments. I didn’t have to over exagerate how I was feeling. He drew a person for the first time.

“You drew Mommy!!! Thank you honey. That’s beautiful.”

Wait a second he is sharing with us with his words what he is drawing and interacting with us without any prompting!

Then Johnny grabbed another crayon and started drawing some lines and said, “Purple is Daddy!”

It’s the thought that counts;)

Johnny got so excited about what he drew, that he could communicate with us, and our reactions that the art project was done. It now hands proudly on our living room wall.


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