Talking, Writing and Drawing

Some big positive changes are happening with Johnny right now re: talking, writing and drawing.

At first glance you might see a lot of lines or scribbles but Johnny is holding the crayons in the adult grasp (2 first fingers and thumb) instead of his fist and this is a big step forward and hard for him to do. So we find that there is a lot more stick drawing and struggling to keep in the lines but his fine motor skills are advancing.  Johnny’s scissor skills are getting really good too.

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Johnny is also drawing representationally now.  Strawberries, oranges, carrots, tomatoes, blue berries, bananas, green beans, grapes…fruit in baskets and in a tree. It might be linear drawings now but it will change.  His speech therapy homework was to colour the apples and tree, cut out apples and glue onto tree then talk about it.  As you can see he  took it up a notch and decided to try and draw all kinds of “fruit” and then tell his SLP all about it during therapy.

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“I drew a strawberries.  I drew oranges.  I drew bananas, I drew grapes in a tree.”

She was very happy and impressed by him.

The other big thing is Johnny sits and talks about what he is going to draw without having to ask him about it.  We are trying to record all of this and are going to share with his classroom teacher and the Autism team at school.

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What is hard is when Johnny is trying to draw something and it is not turning out the way he wants it to look like. On the positive side is he asks for help and will place one of our hands on his and want us to teach him how to do it. Its little moments like this what we have worked so very hard for that we never take for granted.

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