Tomato Soup


Today we learned about the motivational power of a little girl:)

What do you want for lunch today? A jam sandwich, humous and pita, or wait, what about chicken noodle soup?

“Soup Mommy.”

Okay I’ll make noodle soup but its chicken noodle soup and I’ll fish the vegetables out.

“No noodle soup.  No chicken.”

But you said you wanted soup and I said I can make chicken noodle soup.

“I want to tomato soup Mommy.”


“I want tomato soup Mommy.”

He showers my face with a a bunch of kisses.

I don’t even know if we have any in the cupboard and the other times he has tried it he hasn’t liked it.

Are you sure you want tomato soup? Wait a second, do you even like tomato soup?

“Yes Mommy.”

I now get an idea…

When you had lunch at school, was a friend having tomato soup?



“Elise.” With a big smile and lots of kisses all over my face.

Elise is the little girl at school who has been his friend since last Spring.

“Elise had tomato soup in her thermos.”

Did you try her soup and did you like it?


He ate 2 bowls of Daddy’s tomato soup.

Sorry Daddy but this is the price you have to pay for spontaneous use of words and sharing an experience about a peer and school and school with his Mommy.  The fringe benefit is now I have another food to feed him for lunch:)


Love to hear what you think....

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