The Green Room


Johnny sat down at the dinning room table much like any other evening and wanted to draw with his crayons. We didn’t know this night was going to be different.

He went and got his “Goodnight Moon” book and opened it on the table and showed his Daddy he was going to draw “this page.”

That’s what he did drew THIS page and talk about it with us.

He only got frustrated when he tried to draw a table and a lamp and it wasn’t looking like he wanted it to look. He wanted me to do some “hand over hand” so that I could show him how to do it.  He was so determined to try and draw a page out of his favourite book even if it was a hard thing to do for him.

I don’t think I will ever forget the look of pride on his face as he showed off his drawings to me and “let me” take his picture with them.  It is so amazing to see him draw and communicate with us at the same time.  Its like we have a window to his thoughts and dreams now like other parents have.


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