Christmas Lights and Plugs

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*Painting Christmas Lights*

Johnny has always loved looking at Christmas lights. He loves the colours, the glow, the sparkle, the twinkles and the shininess of them. He likes the way they change when they are are off and then when they are turned on again. He likes to watch us bring out the strings and test them before hanging them on the tree and he gets so excited as he watches the lights go around and around and in and out the Christmas tree branches. When we go shopping and go to the Christmas light aisle it is so cute watching Johnny treat the area as if he was at a toy store and passionately grabbing a big reel of multi-colour LED lights and popping it into the cart even though his Daddy had other ideas of what we were going to get.

I usually go crazy and put tons of miniature lights on my Christmas tree but last year I had to make a big change when a 4 year old Johnny decided to start touching the miniature lights and doing it so much that he actually burned his finger and thumb and broke a bulb. I had to get LED lights that could replace the traditional mini lights and after a lot of searching I was finally able to get enough strings for our tree.  Because they don’t emit the same kind of heat that traditional bulbs do Johnny can touch them and not get hurt at all.

So I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that with Johnny’s new foray into representational drawing that he would then start to draw the Christmas lights he loves. His Daddy had set up our front yard Christmas display of lights and the kids were excitedly watching him finally hook everything up for them to see how it looked when it was dark. Later Johnny sat down and drew what it looked like to him but also how the wires and extension cords were laid out and even included the plugs and outlets. I was astonished.  There were trees, the green wires of the Christmas lights and the orange extension cords that his Daddy was using to test the strings.

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This interest in Christmas lights has now lead Johnny into asking questions about the regular lights in the house and commenting on what he notices. “The light switch box…the wire goes up here and to the chandelier” and then drawing it.  He’ll try to look behind the big screen HDTV and tell us that there are wires behind there and ask us about those too.  “The hard drives are connected to the computer.”  “The arrow on computer is connected to the mouse.”

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I am still not used to all the spontaneous commenting Johnny is doing now but we are learning that interactions can come at any time about anything.  The secret for us seems to be is FOLLOW HIS LEAD and see what happens.

Merry *Belated* Christmas.



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