Buy Mommy Flowers



Take a look at what Johnny is carrying in his arms. He is clutching two bouquets of flowers while he checks out a neighbours Christmas light display with his sister. We were picking up my car at the garage when he told the mechanic he did not want to go home yet.

“I want to go and buy my Mommy flowers.”

The mechanic and I both looked at each other with big smiles. We were both sharing a moment but he didn’t realize how big this moment was. The mechanic said “you are such a good son thinking of treating your Mom like that.”   Johnny made his day and the mechanic joked that he was going to tell my husband what a sweet kid he has. I convinced Johnny that we had to drive the car back to our house (very short drive) then we could go back to the main street so he could get me flowers.  Two years ago trying to transistion him from one of his plans with the idea of waiting or doing something else first was next to impossible. Now as long as he understands that everything will be all right and expectations are clear he is usually okay. His little 2-1/2 year old sister was another story but Johnny thought of a plan very quickly to change her mind about not going home to play toys right away.

“I’ll buy flowers for Princess too Mommy.”

The second bouquet of flowers in his arms are for her. She found it awkward to carry them so he offered. She was also upset that the flower shop wrapped her flowers to protect them from the sub zero temperatures and Johnny pointed to his being wrapped for me and said “to keep them okay.” When we got home he HAD to break the stems with his hands to the right sizes and put them in the vase himself.  Where did he learn that? Johnny seemed to be having a lot of great ideas that day!

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Johnny was out shopping with his Daddy when he decided again that he needed to buy Mommy flowers. His Daddy said what was incredible was that instead of choosing from one of the numerous bouquets out front he wanted to choose the flowers himself and make his own bouquet for me! Then at home he insisted on putting them in the vase for me and arranging them. He has such a creative side coupled with a big heart.

Now when we are out shopping he keeps wanting to find me a belt to buy or some beads as well as choose clothes for his little sister. Now I have to figure out how to navigate the social mind field of his sister not wanting what he picks.


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  1. caffieneplease says:

    Beautiful flowers he picked out!


    1. Cyn says:

      thank you:) I am starting to think his attraction to colours and textures is generalizing to other things like flowers or it was already there and I didn’t realize it. Thx for stopping by:)


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