A Misstep in the Dark


I was going back and forth wondering if I should write about this but then I thought about the other special needs children that are in kindergarten at my son’s school and their parents.

As parents we put a lot of trust in schools when our children begin their education.

As parents of a special needs child we take a deep breathe and cross our fingers and really take the leap of faith that our children will be okay and given the opporunity to be part of our community.

One of my friends recently told me that sometimes an act of kindess is needed instead of just doing what is right.

Sometimes just a moment of emphathy and putting oneself in another person’s shoes with a promise to try and do this in the future so misunderstandings do not crop up.

Here is the link to the back story : Stumbling In The Dark

What we do not need is a list of excuses.

We do not need examples of what other parents with typical children were doing that evening in the midst of chaos.

We do not need to be told that no one was given extra instructions and that in the end it all worked out.

We do not need to be questioned on what time we arrived and where we sat with the implication that we just did not seek them out.

We do not need to made to feel that we did not do everything we needed to do.

We do not need to to be told that no other parents complained so that we then feel that our complaint is not justified and that everything is okay.

This was not about what happens at school but at a community faith event which is ironic and sad at the same time.

We were thanked for always communicating and trying to keep an open line of communication and that as we enter the new year to try to keep  doing this.

I decided to write this as a reminder and a promise to myself that I will speak up when I think things are not done right or need to be changed.

I also decided to write this down because we have sat at courses and lectures with many other parents of special needs children who were scared to confront and ask questions and were just grateful that their child was in an inclusive setting and not in a special needs or exceptionalities classroom.

I confess I am saddened that I had to write this at all because I was expecting an acknowledgement that things could have been done differently with a promise that this would not happen again.

I am glad I trusted my instinct not to open the envelope with the letter from Johnny’s teacher until the holidays were over and he was about to go back to school.

I received the reply from his teacher on the last day of school before the holidays. Merry Christmas.


Love to hear what you think....

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