Crayon Fun

Johnny loves to grab some paper and to take out his bin of crayons and draw. Right now when he comes home from school he can hardly wait to pull his latest art out of his back pack. He quickly shows me and then in a flourish treasures the art away onto his art drawer. “I am exploring with colour Mommy.” What Johnny is doing is taking large sheets of coloured construction paper and scribbling lines or sections of blocks of colour on each sheet. The thing is every single sheet resembles the previous one. The picture below is of what he brought home from last week at school.


What is happening? Johnny is a visual learner but he also enjoys the sensory side of colour. I wonder if he’s not only exploring colour but also doing something that he thinks is organizing over and over again to make him feel better at school. We want him to be happy at school but at the same time we don’t want the teacher to think all he can do is scribble on paper. I took a picture of some paintings that Johnny has done at home that is representational and shared it in Johnny’s new communication daily log book so they can see what he he is capable of after the sensory exploration.

Here is a sample of what Johnny has been drawing at home. Fire trucks, school buses, and trees are his favourite subjects. He wanted to learn how to draw flowers so we did some “hand over hand” but Johnny drew all the stems and leaves.







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  1. solodialogue says:

    Interesting, his interest in coloring. My son is obsessed with color, reciting them, questioning me about what color something is (knowing full well the answer) and relating color to numbers, feelings, and letters (possible synesthesia) but he despises coloring. I think it’s fabulous that Johnny shows the interest in the motor skill and is developing it voluntarily on his own! His art is colorful and beautiful. 🙂


    1. Cyn says:

      It’s interesting what our kids get focused on right? When we go for walks my son likes to comment on whether stores are open, closed or if its dark….over and over again yet knowing the answer too. I wonder if its a calming or self-organizing technique? Good point about the motor skill….printing is hard for him so to play with drawing and get joy from something that is challenging is good thing. My son does love to play with colour….except for the sunflower all my header’s on my blog are from Johnny after he got an iPad last year. A Mom organizing and Autism Art Show stumbled across them last year and used one as an interactive large puzzle piece last year. At that time Johnny was barely talking so to show folks what a non-verbal child can do instead of focusing on deficiencies I’m glad the Mom found my blog. Thank you again for stopping by:)


  2. I’m always interested in your posts about artwork. A big difference I see between our two is Johnny’s use of color in representational pieces. That’s a new and still rare component of my guy’s creations.


    1. Cyn says:

      I love seeing your posts of Phillip’s creative side too. On one hand Johnny lives in the details and re-creating what is real. On the other hand colour is a pure explosive sensory experience for him….just check out the headers on my blog. I’d I take out paint I have to be prepared for a marathon 1 – 2 hour art time with plenty of sheets of paper as he lets loose. My daughter who is younger will be done in 15 min….:)


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