Elbow Juice


Johnny was 3-1/2 when he was diagnosed with Autism and a week before he went in for his developmental assessment he began to start saying some words again.  He gave us the best Christmas gift ever on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day when he said Mama, Dada, orange, juice, and his favourite part of the body….elbow.

As part of the diagnosis, blood tests needed to be done for genetic testing and overall health. Can you see where I am going with this? We had to do the blood tests at the children’s hospital and it was very upsetting for him but afterwards he pointed to the bandage over his elbow with tears “elbow juice.” The crimson red blood going into vial after vial looked like berry juice to him. For many weeks later he would check friends and family members elbows and point at their veins and say “elbow juice.” 🙂

When Johnny was 4-1/2 he thought it was very funny to change the words of “Jingle Bells” to “Elbow Juice” and sing it as loud as he could and laugh like crazy.

He is 5-1/2 now and only teased us this Christmas with his “elbow juice” rendition and tried to sing the real version. But he does from time to time when he is feeling anxious he will suddenly say “elbow” loudly or even say it in a sing song voice, “elbow.” I just sing it back and smile.


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