Tears For School

TearsA week ago I am talking on the phone with my in-laws about the impending snow storm that was suppose to begin Thursday afternoon and continue overnight Friday. It sounded pretty bad so we could count on the school bus to be cancelled for the day but is the school going to be closed? We would have to wait until 6am Friday for a decision. I check twitter and schools are open but exercise caution. What? I get out of bed and look outside and I see blowing snow, a few inches on the ground but visibility is not the greatest. What do we do? I check the weather and the worst of the snow is going to happen just before lunch right when I have to pick Johnny up. Johnny’s Dad could try to walk him or hope for a public bus but It sounds like I would have to dig out the car or push a jogging stroller through the snow to get him. We decide its a “snow day”.

“I want Daddy to take me to school. I want Daddy to walk me to **** **** school.”

Johnny says all of this with a little desperate plea and tears glistening his eyes. I explain that the school buses are not running and it’s snowing a lot outside right now and even more is coming. I told him that after breakfast he could put on his snowsuit with his little sister and play in all of the snow.

“I want Daddy to take me to school. I want Daddy to walk me to **** **** school.”

Daddy and I look at each other and are surprised and perplexed at the same. It’s nice to know Johnny likes to go to school now. He also loves doing routines he likes and he will cling to the ones he likes.

It is then that I wonder if he is worried about not getting to see someone he likes to play with. Yes he is worried about missing about not getting to see the kids he plays with which for on the surface sounds perfectly normal. But if you are a parent of a child with Autism, in this moment you are trying very hard to hide the smile that is fighting to appear on your face after hearing your Autistic son’s tearful admission that he is going to miss his peers.

Daddy comes to the rescue and says that Elise travels on the regular transit from farther away then us and we can’t promise you that with all the snow that she will be at school today, or some of your other friends or even your teachers. Why don’t stay home and play in the snow and you can see everyone again on Monday.

“I will see them all again on Monday.”

Johnny dives onto my lap with a big smile and gives me a big hug.


*picture credit for Statue With Tear http://www.picturescollections.com/tears-photography/


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