Characteristics of Autism

I found this very informative chart about Autism that may help answer some questions.


Please share this information chart in order to help spread awareness about developmental delays and what Autism can look like.

My son has many of these characteristics:

  • Inappropriate laughing or giggling: YES
  • No real fear of dangers: YES
  • Apparent insensitivity to pain: YES
  • May not want to cuddle: NO he loves to be cuddled…alot.
  • Sustained unusal or repetitive play. Uneven physical or verbal skills : YES YES YES and YES
  • May avoid eye contact: sometimes
  • May prefer to be alone: NO
  • Difficulty expressing his needs. May use gestures: In the past YES
  • Inappropriate attachments to objects: YES
  • Insistance on sameness: YES
  • Echoes words or phrases: YES
  • Inappropriate response or no response to sound: NO
  • Spins objects or self: In the past YES
  • Difficulty interacting with others: Sometimes

My son has Autism but on the Spectrum he is considered “high functioning” and is integrated into a regular classroom. Another child with Autism whose Mother answered the questions above with the same answers could have a child who is “low functioning.” Every person with Autism is unique just as we are all unique.

*Remember April 2 2013 is World Autism Awareness Day*


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