Johnny has come a long way….

I was sitting and having a conversation with Johnny the other day about what he wanted to buy at the hardware store to add to his playhouse when I thought about how different things were only a year and a half ago. It is not easy understanding him all the time but he is expressing himself, advocating for himself and most of all joyfully interacting with us. I thought I would reblog a post I wrote 6 months after Johnny’s Autism diagnosis to celebrate what Johnny has done and look forward to watching him do more of what makes him happy 🙂

Everything Under the Sun



~ originally written August 2011

It’s been a long time since I wrote an update on our journey with Johnny.

Special Pre-school: Johnny really enjoyed his time at the preschool we sent him to. They had volunteers working with him one on one everyday in a happy, encouraging environment and we saw a change in him in just a few weeks. The teachers were amazed at his transition to their school and they said his exuberant personality changed the dynamic of their class for the better. I can’t tell you without tears how many times I had university students, grandmothers, mothers, retirees who had gotten a chance to work with Johnny tell me that they just had to meet the mother of Johnny to tell me how special my little boy is. As a parent its a given that you feel that way about your children but when a…

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