Backwards Easter?


“I don’t like the Easter Bunny. Easter is done Mommy. I don’t like Easter. I don’t like the Easter bunny.”

That’s what Johnny decided to tell me out of the blue on Monday.

I thought you liked the Easter basket, eggs, and bunny you got from the Easter Bunny when we were at Grandmas’s?

Johnny smiles and says “yes.”

“I don’t like the Easter bunny.”


Easter Sunday was one of those days that you wish you could just start over. My first hint was when we came downstairs and Johnny and his sister found the Easter baskets that the “Easter Bunny” had hidden for them. We had been recently been to the zoo and there were these big posters advertising a new Panda bear exhibit coming and the children were excited but I had to explain they would be there for another visit and promise to come back. So instead of plopping another bunny in their baskets we thought Panda bears. Imagine my surprise when Johnny tossed his a Panda on the floor saying, “I don’t like Panda bears.” He seemed not interested at all about the goodies and even playing with the plastic eggs. What was going on? Was he being fussy and temperamental or unappreciative? There was definitely something else going on.

Johnny likes following routines and knowing what is going to happen next. He goes to Catholic school so he has been learning about the religious beliefs and traditions of Easter. Good Friday was the only day that the entire family could get together for a gathering and Johnny was fine with acknowledging what he had been learning at school and going to Grandma and Grandpa’s. He had a wonderful time with everyone and loved the goodies he got. The next day was Saturday and he had swimming with Daddy again but a new special activity to do with him which he was really excited about.

Why does Johnny not like the Easter bunny now? He thought Easter was done. As simple and as complicated as that at the same time. Johnny had to have a beginning, middle and an end and he thought he had already done Easter and the bunny randomly did it again. I am learning that surprises are not my friend anymore. My son loves predictability and well laid plans. Because of how he reacted to his Easter gift we decided to try and have a low key day because of the busy yet exciting last two days and not attend Easter service. In hindsight we should have tried to give him the ending that his school was teaching him because instead we had to battle some challenging behaviours that you can read about in one of my upcoming posts….


Love to hear what you think....

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