If you have met a child with Autism then you have only met ONE child with Autism.

When I look back the biggest thing that helped us understand Johnny is learning about  SENSORY REGULATION and SENSORY INTEGRATION. So many things that he does suddenly make sense to us now.   Fo us and Johnny, Occupational Therapy is the most important therapy that we can give our son so that he can navigate the world.   We also finding that Johnny can make even better progress in speech therapy sessions if and OT is present as well.  Our wish is that in the future he can have an OT give him direct support in the classroom and monitor him as he faces a more challenging curriculum as he begins Grade school in September.

Everything Under the Sun


Since Johnny’s ASD diagnosis we have been trying to understand how he learns and how sensory affects Johnny so that frustrations don’t become bigger issues that turn into meltdowns. I have learned that a lot of people on the Autism Spectrum could have sensory processing issues which means that the brain either over responds to sensations or under responds to stimuli.

Sensory Systems

Touch: Johnny loves hugs and cuddling because he is affectionate but also because the strong pressure makes him feel good. From a young age we used to have to lie with him and wrap our arms around him in order for him to calm down and settle enough to fall asleep. Johnny is also tapping or slapping others at school as they walk by or sit next to him but we are not sure if this is his way of communicating or if he is seeking…

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  1. caffieneplease says:

    I like how you explained this. Every asd child is different but your Johnny sounds so similar to my son. Have you gotten an mp3 player? My son also gets distracted by everything, which makes shopping difficult, but when he listens to his favorite music, it calms him and keeps him focused on the song instead of everything else.


    1. Cyn says:

      Thank you 🙂 We haven’t actually gotten him a mp3 player yet but that is a great idea for the reasons you suggest. Especially for Johnny when we could be in situation where things are a bit crazy…lots going on etc or even a long car ride. thx for the tip! 🙂


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