Just Like Sleeping Beauty….



I could hear some little giggles coming from the living room while I was making dinner and I wondered what Johnny was up to. I had turned on a Disney movie that both his little sister and he liked while I tried to quickly make dinner. I snuck a peak through the French glass door and I can see his little sister and Johnny sitting on the sofa. Princess had fallen asleep sitting up but with her head leaning into the back of the sofa. Johnny was leaning in and gently and softy placing little kisses all over her face. Her forehead, then one cheek, then the next cheek and still she is not waking up and he giggles again. I ask him what he is doing and he says, “I am waking Princess up with kisses Mommy.” He kisses her nose and then her little pouty mouth and just like Sleeping Beauty she quickly wakes up but  then hurls herself into the corner of the sofa. He was so proud of himself and I thought it was one of the cutes things I have ever seen. I wish I had been quick enough to video tape it because it was one of those moments that I was not sure would ever nearly 3 years ago when Princess was a baby.

I guess Johnny took his little sister seriously when she told him, “Your are my Prince.”


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  1. Marietta Ivanova says:

    Really wonderful time! Hope in the future to have these moments together!Cute kids!


    1. Cyn says:

      Thanks sweetie….


  2. What a precious moment!


    1. Cyn says:

      *smiles* I just want to bottle those moments up so when we are having a tough day I can remember these:)


      1. Yes, it definitely helps! On tough days I used to/still do go through my little guys baby photos to remind me of how sweet he is and that he’s still so little and how far he has come. Now – one if his favourite activities (calming) is to flip through the 8 million or so photos of him on the iPad 🙂


      2. Cyn says:

        I do that to re: baby photos. Hey my guy loves looking at the photos on the IPad too but I find it gets him so excited!!


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