What I’d like to hear the most

When he started going to activities without me like preschool I was so nervous because he could not speak. I know what each gesture means but how will these other people know? How will Johnny cope? Will he have fun? How will he learn? I thought I would reblog my original post my concerns when Johnny started Junior Kindergarten and then in future posts I will show how we as parents found solutions to our challenge of starving for information about our son’s day when he could not tell us anything at all.

Everything Under the Sun


What did you do at school today? Did you have fun? What made you laugh? What did you not like? Who are you friends with? Why are you sad when I ask this question?

We always feel like we are starving for any scraps of info about what Johnny is doing when he is not with us. We hear other parent’s ask their children when they pick them up from school and we look at each other and share a look. We ask Johnny but all he can do is smile at the many questions we ask him. Sometimes we get lucky and he laughs really loudly and hugs us with joy so we then think we have a clue what he was doing that day. Sometimes he’ll sit on our laps and look at us so intensely and then try and get some words out as I ask him…

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  1. Me too! Devouring is the exact word! We have a communication book that goes between myself and his teacher. I always, without fail write in it to tell them about what we have been doing, significant events and any other issues or good things I can share. I am lucky that my boys teacher is totally on board with this and shares info about his day in detail. His inability to answer at this point does not stop me from asking him questions and referring to the info I have read in his commas book.


    1. Cyn says:

      Thank you for sharing your experiences of using a communication book and how important it is. I have just written another entry about the different kinds of communication that has happened between home and the classroom and how wonderful it is when its done right 🙂


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