One little victory at a time…add them together :)

In November 2011 Johnny was learning the power of words to request specific items instead of just pointing or taking one of us by the hand and leading us over.   Flash forward to May 2013 and comments and requests fly out of his mouth and my mind has trouble keeping up with the bursts of communication.   We are out for a walk and he looks around at the old houses that are in various stages of renovation (or not) and it begins:

“I don’t like railings on porches.  I want windows on our porch.  I want Daddy to close our porch in and put windows up.  I don’t like railings.  I want a balcony on our house.  I don’t like railings Mommy and I want Daddy to build a balcony.  I don’t like ivy in the back garden.  I want ivy to grow in the front garden.”

“When Princess is upstairs the gate is closed to keep Princess safe.  The hall light is on.  I don’t like the hall light on.  I want it off.  We don’t talk about the hall light because we are not home.  We are not at Mommy’s house.”

We are trying to move from “I want…” phrases to “Can I have…” to expand his repertoire and we are teaching him the magic word known  as “please.” Articulation is now the main focus.

Each little victory beings to snowball and before we know it now we have to teach Johnny to take turns talking at the table.

Everything Under the Sun


“I want more oranges.”

He said it. No he really did say it and he was not at home but at a birthday party at school. Johnny’s teacher was so happy and excited she called me to let know the big news. Big news? Yes, because one word at a time is a little victory and each try at a new word is another little victory as well. But to put that many words together in an organized clear way is amazing.

In Johnny’s last speech block we worked on having him learn to put his hand on his chest and say “Johnny wants…” and then point and try and say the name of the item. We then worked with a “I want” strip so that he would learn to point to the correct PECs (Picture Exchange System) and try to say “I want” and then grab and say his…

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