Who’s the little….


Walking home today after a bittersweet afternoon saying goodbye to a wonderful Occupational Therapist who was moving away who is dear to Johnny topped off by a visit to a new neighborhood frozen yogurt shop this happened:

I started singing this little song i invented, “Who’s the little girl that we love so much……”

I suddenly start hearing this little voice start singing it too and then in harmony with me. Over and over again and louder and louder he sang happily while walking down the side walk until I changed it to:

“Who’s the little boy I love so much?”

Johnny sang the new line a few times and then this happened which was spontaneous and beautiful:

“Who’s the big Momma that we love so much? Who’s the big Daddy that we love so much? Who’s the red car that we love so much? What is the old house that we love.”

I don’t remember ever hearing him take something that I was singing and sing it in harmony and then change it up and expand on it like I did today.

Happy Friday indeed.


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  1. What a beautiful easy and effortless full of love moment to share;) Happy Friday.


    1. Cyn says:

      Thank you 🙂 I’m glad I could share this.


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