It Began In That Moment That You Became A Daddy

To my very special big guy who helps me feel like I can do anything and help me feel like its going to be okay on the not so good days.


I remember the first time that you placed Johnny on your chest as you laid back to rest in the hospital and he found a nice spot under your chin to nuzzle the top of his head. It began in that moment that you became a Daddy to not just a baby boy but to Johnny. From that very moment when you were able to calm him in the hospital as a newborn and give me a some rest that’s when you truly became his Daddy. So many times in the weeks that passed you would have him snuggle on your chest when he needed some soothing especially after a bath.  When Johnny was upset, it didn’t seem to matter whether it was Mommy or Daddy because he would equally soothe and calm with either one of us.  In the weeks to follow,  Johnny found a nice place to plop  his head just over Daddy’s shoulder when he was crying and it made him feel good until he was too big to hoist. But then you and Johnny found another way to soothe when Johnny became your cuddle boy. He would find a nice spot on your lap and literally wrap himself around you as tight as he could and snuggle. Johnny is nearly 6 years old now and he still climbs up on his Daddy and finds a little spot to cling to and make himself feel better.

There are so many other moments where you are an incredible Daddy and partner to me in this journey of being parents but in my mind its watching you two cuddling and you holding are beautiful boy and making him feel better that I see…DADDY.

Happy Father’s Day honey.


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