The Berry Juice


Johnny was requesting orange juice this morning when he opened the fridge to get it for us.  He saw the berry juice and decided he wanted it and was going to lift the heavy container out of the fridge and suddenly stopped and put it back in.

“I spilled berry juice all over the kitchen tile floor with Grandpa.”

I was stunned.

I remembered but I didn’t trust so I asked, “which Grandpa?”

“Mommy my other Grandpa… other Grandpa who is in heaven.”

He was referring to when he was barely 3 years old and he tried to get berry juice out of the fridge and it was too heavy and he dropped it.  My Dad couldn’t catch it fast enough and half the bottle was all over the floor.  Johnny was essentially non-verbal at the time and relied on pointing to demonstrate what he wanted.  He had gotten into the habit of opening the fridge and showing my Dad what he wanted and then my Dad would help him.

Johnny was now referencing a moment from the past as he went to do something in the present.  He is 6 now.

I think my Dad just smiled from heaven.

Picture Credit : Berry picture


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  1. Marietta Ivanova says:

    He will always remember his grandfather!Little G.also remembers everything he has done with Ivan and always says that his grandfather was watching from the asterisk!


    1. Cyn says:

      *hugs* Marietta:) My Dad never got to hear “Johnny” talk even though he played a big role in teaching him so it is special and bittersweet 🙂


  2. lorraine johnstone says:

    Brought a tear to my eye. Your dad will always be not too far away from Johnny. I’m sure when Johnny took out the berry juice container your dad was close by to catch it if he dropped it.


    1. Cyn says:

      Thank you sweetie:) That means a lot and I know you understand in more ways then I can count.


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