The Reflector


“Mommy I want the orange reflector.  Mommy will find it.”

I stopped and had that moment of panic inside where I have heard what he said but I have no idea what he is referring to.  I do not want to frustrate Johnny so hence the panic because I can tell this is important to him.  I proceed cautiously and decide to be honest but try and get more information.

“Johnny, I am sorry but I am not sure I understand which reflector you are referring to? I don’t remember and I need your help.”

“My orange reflector Mommy.”

I still have absolutely no clue.

He shows me his red hoodie jacket and points to one of the front pockets and says “there was an orange reflector in this pocket but its gone now.”

I am starting to have a vague memory so I ask again but this time want to know “when?”

“Mommy….when we were in *********.  I found a reflector and your friend helped me. She put it into my pocket.”

A year ago August when we were on vacation.  Seriously!?!!!

He has not mentioned the reflector in over a year.  It seems that Johnny has been noticing reflectors on fence posts at the end of drive ways he has been matching and relating it to a past experience.

So I sent an email to my friend who met us that day and joined us for a walk.  She totally remembered watching my son and daughter stop and hunt for pine cones and put them in their pockets.  Then my friend found a bike reflector that fell off of a bike and thought my son would enjoy the colour, the shimmering effect as the sun would shine on it and showed it him.  Johnny loved it and she suggested that he put it in his pocket for safe keeping.

We are in an exciting time now because Johnny is sharing with us things that he loves but also reaching into the past and letting us know just how aware he was even when there were not a lot of words.  Last year at this time he was speaking in 4 word sentences but his descriptive commenting on his world was limited to just saying the name of the object but not describing it.  That has completely changed today which I will write more about soon.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. baudyhallee says:

    Exciting times! Can’t wait to hear the rest! Celebrate!


    1. Cyn says:

      Thank you Holly:) check out what my little engineer/construction worker/architect is up to lately….who says he has no play skills? 🙂


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