He Didn’t Get To Go Skating


What do you do when you find out that the ice skating field trip to the neighbourhood park around the corner from the school that your Autistic child was very excited about happened but he didn’t get to go? Well I went from being extremely angry to a part of me wanting to cry because he missed something his peers in grade one were probably excitedly talking about for the rest of the day,

Then I took a deep breathe and wrote an email to Johnny’s teachers letting them know what are expectations are and a little more about him and how we raise him.

I saw the notice about ice skating at ******* Park for Feb 10 and I realized that skating must have happened last Monday even though Johnny said he didn’t go skating because it was too cold. It’s our understanding that because *** ****** was off sick and no EA was present he didn’t get to go.

I understand any safety concerns you may have regarding an Autistic child and a field trip. But now I know why I was dealing with sudden tears on Monday evening that he kept trying to hide from me and he wouldn’t elaborate but deflect by talking to me about something else. He was emotional and his little sister and I couldn’t figure out why. Next time if you have any concerns please call me because I had already briefed and prepared Johnny for skating and he was really looking forward to it. I would have popped down to ******* or my trusted neighbour if you needed an extra hand,

1) “Fight, flight or freeze” – Johnny is not a “runner” so whether you are going to the park or to **** **** Church for Mass he will be fine and will stay with adults. The ******** is like a second home to him. He just needs an extra verbal prompt sometimes.

2) “Presumed Competence” – that is my husband and myself guiding premise as we raise him. He does not have an intellectual disability but neurological one which just leads him to view the world differently. In everything we do we always treat him as if he can do it and set things up for him so he can participate. He doesn’t like it at all if he cannot show what he can really do.

My only concern about ******* Park ice skating is he is a novice and is anyone going to help him on the ice. So tonight we showed Johnny the skating notice for Feb 10 and he smiled and said “I want to go ice skating Mommy. I was sad I didn’t get to go Mommy.”

I felt I had to share this with you so we have an open dialogue and can work together.


******* *********


Love to hear what you think....

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