Was It The Clock?



Its Sunday morning and we are now letting the kids sleep in an extra hour.   Who am I kidding we are also getting to have that extra hour of sleep that we have desperately craved for years.  We were using the Glo clock for Johnny so that he would understand when it was time to get up in the morning but over the summer he wanted to start having a digital clock in his room as well.  Since the end of December the Glo Clock has been in his little sister’s room and he is only using the digital clock.  I made a make shift sign on letter size paper in big letters “wake up 7:00.”  Every morning like clock work he gets out of his bed at this time.  Since the beginning of January on weekends we started telling him that he could stay in bed and “wake up at 8:00.”  We didn’t put a sign or “visual” for these instructions that only happen on the weekend.  What a happy surprise when Johnny just listened to the instructions and followed through by getting out of bed at 8am and then climbing in with us for a morning cuddle until his sister wakes up.  No stories to empahsise what was expected at bedtime and during the night just us verbally telling him.

So you can imagine my surprise this Sunday morning when I knew he had 2 wake ups during the night that he was not up at 8 am, or 8:30am and it wasn’t until 9am that I heard him.  I went in to check on him and he was curled up but watching the clock.

“I want the number 8 back on the clock Mommy.”

I realized then that he had slept in and missed the  8 and now was getting anxious.

“I am going to stay in my bed until there is an 8 on my clock.”

That’s when you think out of the box

Daddy went over and adjusted time on clock.

There is your 8 on the clock.

*Previous posts about the Glo Clock  Here: http://wp.me/p1KVmo-px    and here       http://wp.me/p1KVmo-J5


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  1. Time waits for no man, but you can back it up for your child.


    1. Cyn says:

      Yup;) I am impressed at how my little guy tries every day to get up on time without using an alarm. It’s like it’s just another one of his routines that he HAS to do.


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